My Studio | Holyoke in Photos

True Resolution is the photography studio I co-own and co-founded with Tim Lastowski in August 2009. 

"True Resolution isn't in the business of taking pictures, we're in the business of making photographs that are timeless memories, moments captured, and moments of beauty, love, and passion. We are in the business of giving you more than photographs."

True Resolution is located in the historic and ever growing city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

In addition to having started our studio in Holyoke, I also manage HolyokeinPhotos (please click here),   A Holyoke  photoblog.  

My Holyoke portfolio is my longest going photo project. It began when I was in high school and has transcended into a massive project. In 2007 the focus of the project took on a new dimension when I began shooting digital. I started to focus on the social and economical conditions of the city. The more integrated I became with the city and the people I was networking with the more my project began to evolve. My project took another radical change when I started to realize that the city has more potential than any other city in Western Ma. Now my focus and emphasis with Holyoke has shifted to the vast opportunities the city has. There is a wealth of real estate and buildings for business to move into. The rich history of the city also gives Holyoke a dynamic perspective. Once the richest cities in the country, Holyoke is known as the paper city for all the paper mills that once lined the canal system. A canal system that still functions like it did decades ago. Holyoke is changing, going green, and becoming an innovative city. The next major wave economic growth is going to be technology, green industries, and an entrepreneurial diversity.