Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lets talk gear

For some time now I have been searching for some good travel cases and bags for my camera and lap top. I have been searching through magazines left and right and have finally found something worth writing about. http://www.pelican.com has an amazing collection of cases for lap tops, cameras, and a whole site of gear for what ever you need to haul. I first came across pelican.com because of an add for laptop tough cases. Pictured here is the Pelican 1495 tough case.

As you can see this case means business. There is no doubt about it that this case is tough and durable and could take a small beating and bashing.

Now, my idea of a case would look something like this one (shown below) If you look closely the cameras inside are even Nikon. And you guys all know I am a Nikon guy so this case would be perfect for me. They have so many different cases. So check them out. The site is once again posted below.

Tough cases: http://www.pelican.com

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday after I left the studio, I stood in the pouring rain shooting film for the first time in months. I was on my way home when I happened to drive into a compositional dream. On one side of the road I had people working in a drained canal, trying to repair some structural damage. Where as the other side of the road I had a building that had been burned down. A massive fire this past summer destroyed yet another building in Holyoke. Parts of it remained standing while it was surrounded by what used to be the structure of a once thriving business. Needless to say I was having quite a good time shooting film. I got so involved in shooting that I made myself late for a dinner party that evening. But, it was a small sacrifice I needed to make in order to shoot in those conditions. I have been unable to get the rolls processed yet. But, I look forward to posting those photographs up as soon as I can get them back. Until then I will leave you with this instead.

This is a fire alarm that I shot two weeks ago. It is located on a corner in Holyoke, MA. It is almost directly in-front of a fires station that is closed down. It is rather ironic that a fire alarm stands across from a closed down fire station. Part of Holyoke's history involves numerous fires that destroyed some landmark buildings. With the way life has evolved and just how many people now carry cellphones. Fire alarms are a thing of the past. Just like pay phones there is almost no need for them any more.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was the first person to create a photograph. The photograph pictured here is an 8 hour exposure shot from his window. This photograph was made in 1826.

Here is a link that explains the beginning of photography for those who do not know the history of photography.
I studied the history of photography in school, and I recommend that if you have a passion for photography, then you should be hitting the books to know where your passion began. Not only will you learn the history of photography, I can guarantee that you will make a viable connection to at least one photographer in the entire history.


Photogravure is a type print making process that dates back to 1830's. It is a process that is still used today. It is a fine art process of making photographs. I came across a site today that is very much worth checking out.

I also recommend doing a quick history lesson and check out this site. It offers the history of the photogravure as well as a brief part of the history of photography.

Here is an Alfred Steiglitz Photogravure 1894

Friday, September 26, 2008

Panoramic Camera

I came across this unique camera and thought I would give it an introduction here. This may look alien, or foreign, even kind of like a UFO. However this is a camera and as odd as it looks it is a very interesting machine. This camera is panoramic dedicated camera. It can shoot panorama photos using a built in rotating lens. It is a 35mm film only camera. Below is a link to where you can find the camera for puchase. I have seen the price tag jump from $225.00 Minimum up to $600. So shop around. The link below also has a wide variety of other rare and unique cameras.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mannequin Model

New photograph for my Mannequin Project. They make such great models. They don't ever move on you when you are trying to shoot.

Troubles in the field

I made this photograph yesterday on my way home from the studio. I am working on a project for a show coming up. I shot this from the car. I stopped at a stop sign, picked up my camera and shot this. I won't go into to much detail about what happened or what was said, but I was approached very quickly and aggressively by two individuals for making this photograph. The reason I shot this, is because this photo has a cultural quality to it. The title of the store is ethnic and this is what I was trying to shoot. However, making this photograph nearly cost me a very serious confrontation. I am now left with a photo that makes me question why people can be so aggressive.

Nikon News

So I turned the tv to have some noise while I work. And a commercial comes on. Ashton K with yet another new camera by Nikon. Nikon now has a touch screen Coolpix S60. This camera is so new that I haven't been able to find a picture on google to show you. So here is the link to the Nikon USA page where the camera is listed.


Nikon has a slew of new point and shoot digital cameras. These are great cameras to have as a back up or keep in your car for when you don't have a bigger camera (preferably your D-SLR) with you and you need something to just capture a quick picture. Don't be fooled by the name "point and shoot" these cameras can still be used to make some serious photographs when you have nothing else available.

Here is the link to the Nikon USA point and shoot page.


Nikon also has a few cameras that I would love to add to my collection. They have a performance line called the Coolpix P series. The Coolpix P50 Starts with an impressive 8 megapixels. A good entry level P series camera. The newest and highest Coolpix, is the P 6000. This camera bosts an impressive 13.5 megapixels. With a price tag of $499 its comparable to the D40x in price but the megapixel rating is higher. But these compact Point and shoot cameras are quite versatile. Don't let the fact they aren't a D-SLR scare you away. The P6000 has the same creative control as the D series Nikons. The major difference between the two is the P series has a fixed lens. Where as the D series cameras can interchange lenses. I am considering purchasing the P6000 as a camera to have on me at all times. Having the P6000 would allow me to keep it in a smaller bag instead of carrying my D-SLR around with me every where I go. Don't get me having my D-SLR with me all the time is great. I would just like to have something smaller for when I know I am not out or in an area where I will be doing heavy shooting.

Keep a look out for more Nikon Product News. As most of you are aware I am a Nikon guy and I like to brag about the great products that they have.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Pictorialism to me is the most influential movement and period in the History of Photography. A good deal of my personal work is heavily influenced by this movement. Any time I come across any thing relevant to pictorialism I always stop and take a moment to read or view whatever it is. I was reading an article on Pictorialism in Shutter Bug. The title of the article was Modern Pictorialism. It introduced me to the work of Brian Kosoff. An extraordinary photographer who is creating Fine Arts Masterpieces. You can view his work at http://www.kosoff.com The I read article discusses his method in which he uses a diffusion technique involved in printing his magnificent landscape photographs. Kosoff discusses how the technique he uses produces a smooth tonality in his photographs. Having done my share of darkroom printing and using films similar to what he has used I fully appreciate his method as well as the work he is producing. I strongly recommend reading the article if you're interested in Fine Arts Photography especially if you're familiar with pictorialism.

Northampton Project

For Amber

This is for Amber. Thank you Amber.


The other day someone I had just met asked me, "so you're into photography huh?" If I was only "into photography" I wouldn't be obsessed with making photographs. I would take pictures occasionally and I wouldn't have a degree in photography. I am obsessed with photography. Constantly searching for new things to learn and trying to create new ways of making the best possible photographs I can.

Here are some more from Sunday night. I had a lot of fun making these photographs. Its not every day that I get the opportunity to have such great compositions set up for me. I jumped at the chance to shoot these and loved it as you can clearly see.

This one is my favorite from the whole series

This photograph of the Orbiter is on the dark side. I could have compensated for it and made it lighter by changing my f-stop. But I like the silhouetted appearance of people in the foreground.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big E in photos

The Big E is know for its food. I'd have to say that is the number one reason why a lot of people go. There are numerous amounts of great food vendors located all over the fair grounds.

Shopping is another attraction that brings people out.

Super man even made an appearance.

A basket of fried seafood.

Everyone loves pastry.

As cliche as it is, it is still kind of fun to make photos like this. I love long exposures and blurring lights.

The ferris wheel all lit up.

Over all I'd have to say it was a great day. I didn't get the shots I would have liked to get. But, I did make out with some good photos.


Today is a beautiful fall day. Its just a lovely day. I am going to take this day and spend it at the Big E or Eastern States Exposition if you will. I will of course be shooting as much as possible. So come later tonight you will be able to see some of the photos I put up. I will also be writing a really interesting post about HDR photography so make sure you check back for that too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

100th Post

This is a photograph that I made earlier this week on my way home from the studio. Even though I was feeling rather ill, I still stopped to shoot for my Holyoke Project that I am working on. Keep a watchful eye out for more to come from the Holyoke Project. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I just can't wait to post up. I am having an issue with uploading photos right now. So I am going to end with my 100th post. Tomorrow I will have more work up. This Sunday I have a chance to shoot a fair. I am very anxious to shoot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What a Week

It's been a crazy week. The weekend is here and I finally get a chance to sit back and enjoy the changing of the seasons. I was out tonight shooting in Northampton. I had fun shooting tonight. I did get a little annoyed though. I was in StarBucks waiting for my coffee and I saw what would have made a great photograph, when I was told not to shoot in-side the store. The guy making my coffee said "its because of media reasons" well, here a few photos I managed to shoot while no-one was paying attention.

If you look closely you will see a cup filled with thermometers. I was focusing on them as a composition when the guy to the left looked over and put a stop to my photograph. Needless to say I wasn't to thrilled about that.

Just after he placed his order, he turned to catch me taking his picture. He didn't care that I had made this photograph. I think he was more concerned with getting his coffee so he could warm up. It was quite chilly out tonight.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Both of these photos were shot using a new process I am working on. Same thing as below.

I have been working on a few new things the past few nights. Can you see the clear difference between the two? Can you figure out what I may have been doing to get the results? You might be very surprised when you figure it out or ask. You might think the one on the left is a before shot and the right is an after shot. Thats not the case in this post.
Holyoke Landscape at night.

I love this bottom photo, however its a composition that I can not successfully shoot because of the elements in the background.

A new week..

Well here we are again on another beautiful Monday. I will be posting pictures tonight from over the weekend. Friday we had some rain and it offered some very good conditions to shoot. Soo look out for a few posts with some new work.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My first time shooting a soccer game.

A victorious gesture of emotions after the first goal was scored.

Article from PopPhoto.com

Five Advanced Flash Techniques is an article that I found on PopPhoto.com I am providing a link to the article. I think it is a really intersting article that most of you will find helpful.

You can't expect me to write about flash techniques and not give you a new product to check out as well. I fully support Nikon and their amazing line of cameras and flashses. So here is the new Nikon SB-900 Speedlight. Average selling price is $470-$490. But, every penny spent is worth the investment.
Here is a direct link to Nikon Usa's Site where you can check out all the specs that this little powerhouse has to offer.