Friday, September 19, 2008

What a Week

It's been a crazy week. The weekend is here and I finally get a chance to sit back and enjoy the changing of the seasons. I was out tonight shooting in Northampton. I had fun shooting tonight. I did get a little annoyed though. I was in StarBucks waiting for my coffee and I saw what would have made a great photograph, when I was told not to shoot in-side the store. The guy making my coffee said "its because of media reasons" well, here a few photos I managed to shoot while no-one was paying attention.

If you look closely you will see a cup filled with thermometers. I was focusing on them as a composition when the guy to the left looked over and put a stop to my photograph. Needless to say I wasn't to thrilled about that.

Just after he placed his order, he turned to catch me taking his picture. He didn't care that I had made this photograph. I think he was more concerned with getting his coffee so he could warm up. It was quite chilly out tonight.

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