Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The other day someone I had just met asked me, "so you're into photography huh?" If I was only "into photography" I wouldn't be obsessed with making photographs. I would take pictures occasionally and I wouldn't have a degree in photography. I am obsessed with photography. Constantly searching for new things to learn and trying to create new ways of making the best possible photographs I can.

Here are some more from Sunday night. I had a lot of fun making these photographs. Its not every day that I get the opportunity to have such great compositions set up for me. I jumped at the chance to shoot these and loved it as you can clearly see.

This one is my favorite from the whole series

This photograph of the Orbiter is on the dark side. I could have compensated for it and made it lighter by changing my f-stop. But I like the silhouetted appearance of people in the foreground.


S said...

Oh my, I adore that photo of the Orbiter! All of these are fantastic actually.

And isn't it annoying when people say things like 'so you're into *blank*?' when it's obviously a huge part of your life? I get that with fashion all the time, and it can be deadly bothersome. Just yesterday I had someone who knows a bit about mall fashion and not much else attempt to 'teach me some things about fashion and style and the industry and whatnot and it was so surreal.

Anyways, rant over :) And once again, these are truly stunning photos.

Sheryl said...

I'm so jealous....I wish I thought to do this....now I'm going to have to copy you! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!