Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Northampton on a Sunday Afternoon

Below are a few shots from Northampton. All of them are straight from the camera with no post editing done.

Every so often we see people dressed in clothes that we some times feel are a little more than questionable. For instance, this man was wearing a one piece pajama outfit while walking down Main St in Northampton.

People are always watching me when I am holding my camera. It always seems that people take notice that I am shooting. I don't mind the attention. Some times it's great to start up a friendly conversation. There was an instance however where a very strange person stopped and asked me one night if I was spying on someone. That was just a very silly question seeing as how my camera was mounted to the tripod and in FULL view of everyone passing by. Kids these days.

This photo is very blurry and shot from the hip. She watched me point the camera up as I placed it at my hip. She was watching me as she was walking towards where we were standing. I some times like to think that people desire to have their picture taken when they see me with my camera. Especially when they are watching me so intently.

As cliche and stereotypical as it is to photograph street musicians I still like to. I mean look at this guy. He is on the street with out a care of what people think, playing the music he feels in his soul. You can hear so many different sounds on the streets of Northampton.


Sheryl said...

I need to visit here. I don't think I've been there in years!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

It is such a great little town. I am happy to call it home, even though I dont live there, I just work and play there.