Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lets talk gear

For some time now I have been searching for some good travel cases and bags for my camera and lap top. I have been searching through magazines left and right and have finally found something worth writing about. http://www.pelican.com has an amazing collection of cases for lap tops, cameras, and a whole site of gear for what ever you need to haul. I first came across pelican.com because of an add for laptop tough cases. Pictured here is the Pelican 1495 tough case.

As you can see this case means business. There is no doubt about it that this case is tough and durable and could take a small beating and bashing.

Now, my idea of a case would look something like this one (shown below) If you look closely the cameras inside are even Nikon. And you guys all know I am a Nikon guy so this case would be perfect for me. They have so many different cases. So check them out. The site is once again posted below.

Tough cases: http://www.pelican.com

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