Monday, September 1, 2008

New From Nikon

As you know I am a fan of Nikon. For the third time this year Nikon has released a new Model to its already fabulous collection of D-SLR cameras. Introducing the new Nikon D90. 12.3 Megapixels up from the 10.2 that the Nikon D80 has. 4.5 frames per second. Check out the list of other goodies that this awesome camera has at the Nikon USA page below.

Another key feature that I am happy to see, is the full frame. Bigger screen to view your fresh shot photos is something, I'm assuming most consumers will be happier to have.

I knew that Nikon was going to be throwing us another great camera. I just didn't expect it that soon. If I didn't have a need a bigger more powerful camera than the D90, then I would be making this purchase as soon as I could. But after having the D80 for almost two years now I strong recommend this camera. Nikon is a great company that I am very happy to use. Get out there, get your self a D90, and enjoy your new photographic bliss.

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