Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update: Technical Issues

This past week has been filled with technical problems as well as a few photographic issues that have come up. Mixed with all that and then some. Lenshare has seen its share of dilemmas in providing a consistent article daily. This is going to be coming to an end. The piece about work flow and integrating new software and new processes into a studio or even personal work flow is still in the works. That, as well as another great piece featuring the affects of personal relationships and the side affects they can cause when it comes to making photographs is also in the works. The premise for this article has been a few months in the making. This piece may give you a chance to reflect on your life, your photography, and the people that directly affect your work, and possiblely enhnace the quality of your photography. These pieces plus a few helpful tips and suggestions about photography are what is instore for this week.

Stay tuned...

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