Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Contest

This past Wednesday I went home. Metaphorically speaking that is. I went back to where part of my history with photography began. Holyoke Community College, where I studied photography. Holyoke Community is not the only educational facility that I have been studying photography at. However, it is where relationships were formed. My business partner fellow alumi Tim Lastowski and I met at HCC. As well as a few other really good friends. My time at HCC was invested in fully immersing myself into photography. I became close to the professors I now refer to as friends. Professors that have essentially helped me become what I am today. For had it not been for them, the program they run, and their curriculum, I would not have received the education that I have.

Having said that, I want to bring up a few points. The photography program at HCC has just gone through a massive transformation and will continue to over the course of the next year. This past week was the opening of the new MAC Media Arts Center. The new facilty house a brand new darkroom. Color, black and white, and alternative processes can be taught and learned within these new labs. They also have a brand new Mac Lab. Fully integrated with the newest Apple products, Epson Scanners, and Epson printers. They even have what is referred to as the "Black Box". A black room set up with the newest studio strobes.With in the new walls are audio and video classes. Sounds pretty impressive doesnt it? Well, my words do no justice to the visual impact of seeing the new facitlites for yourself. The best way to describe what I was seeing and feeling, "these students are born into a program with silver spoon in hand" is the phrase I used the other night as we strolled the hall ways looking at student photographs as well as a faculty exhibition.

Robert Aller Photography Program Director, friend, and outstanding photographer/professor has spent the last couple, if not MORE years building up this new lab and the photography program. Frank Ward, Associate Professor, friend, and travel/social documentary photography has been there working just as diligently as Aller in providing an outstanding education to the students that choose to hear them. Allar and Ward together with professor/lab technician Christopher Lizon provide students with the fundamental basics of photography, as well as going above and beyond their responsibilities as professors to ensure their students get the best education possible.

I had the honor of being voted as the Grand Prize winner for a photograph (out of 3) submitted for the photo contest they were having in conjunction with the MAC opening.You can view the images of mine, Tim's, and another student by vising Franks Ward's Photo Blog It was a pleasure to have been a small part of the MAC opening. It gave me/us (Tim and the business-True Resolution) the chance to meet and speak with some cool, interesting, great individuals. One particular photographer/business owner with whom we had the privilege to speak with was Jim Gipe, owner of Pivot Media Jim is a fantastic photographer and with an outstanding business sense. Jim gave us a few pointers to help guide our ideas and business in the right direction. I just want to give a special thank you to Robert Aller, Frank Ward, Chris Lizon, and Jim Gipe for their words, support, and inspiration.


fmward said...

Thanks for your remarks, Jeff.

You are one of the "bright lights" of our alumni group.


Kristen Miller Deslauriers said...

I've enjoyed the article on the new media center at HCC and I concur with your findings on how important the expanse will be for the students involved in visual arts. I also applaud your highlights on how integral a part the Photography Professors play in the positive influence and the advancement of aspiring artists. Overall, the article is a great compliment to the Professors and to the college. It's refreshing to hear such appreciation.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Frank, I can not thank you enough for such a compliment! I am left speechless at the moment. But thank you very much!

Kristen, HCC provided a great outlet for many connections to be formed. I am pleased that you are one of them. Thank you for reading and following lenshare.