Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage Tripod

Recently I received and email about a vintage tripod, well more or less an antique tripod. I do not know very much about appraising the value of antique camera equipment, but I do know when a certain piece is very much sought after. After reading the email, I needed to see this described beauty. I received a few images, pictured here, and knew that what I was looking at was exactly what I was going to see. In the few years I have been collecting cameras, I have yet to see one of these in an antique store, or really for sale for that matter. This usually means something is either rare or that people just do not want to sell them and much rather keep them. Personally I would love to acquire this piece, but as it stands I am upgrading my studio equipment and can not budget it into our studio fiances.

I have been noticing a lot of designers and interior designers have been utilizing vintage camera equipment in their sets, stages, or living spaces. A tripod of this age and era would make a fine addition to a living space, studio, loft, apartment, or any where you would basically like to see it set up or hanging even. I have some in depth information that was provided to me in one of the emails. It is rather interesting who had owned it perviously. The name and individual make this piece that much more collectable.

Details from the nameplate:
Professional Junior Tripod
Model 10
Serial #1396
Camera Equipment Co.
1600 Broadway, NYC
U.S. Patent No: 2318910
(Patent applied for on August 4, 1941)

The legs extend 64" and there are two intact liquid levels in the tripod head.

" This tripod was acquired from Joseph Napolitan, considered the "Father of Political Consulting" and the man who changed political advertising forever with the use of film and television. He was instrumental in getting Ferdinand Marcos elected in the Philippines. With every few televisions on the island, Napolitan had the idea of making films of Marcos, ( and his wife Imelda) and setting up trucks to fan out across the island with projection equipment to air the films in remote villages. Napolitan worked on Hubert Humphrey's and the Kennedy brothers campaigns as well. He was a pretty amazing guy, other than the fact that some of his clients turned out to be dictators after being elected. "

So basically, this tripod is a piece of history and more than just someones old piece of equipment. As with most of the history of photography, some of the more serious cameras and pieces of equipment were owned by the movers and shakers of their era. Certain items couldn't be afforded by the average person and were owned by the wealthy or the professionals that needed them. Like I had mentioned this tripod is available as a collectors pieces. Recently, the same tripod sold on ebay for $700.00 The asking price on this particular item is at about $500.00 plus shipping, unless you are located in New England, or Massachusetts, then buyer could arrange a pick up. It still functions well, although, I do not see a Canon 1DS Mark III sitting a top it, I do however see a Vintage 4x5 perhaps making home with it, in a studio or in a living space. You can contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. I would hate to see it collect dust when it could be loved and admired again.


Simon Watkins said...

I recently aquired a tripod very similar to this, although it had been issued to the US Army Corps.I was wondering if you have had much interest from potential buyers? I have listed mine for sale on e-bay and am curious to see what interest I recieve.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Do you have any photos or images you could email me?

WestVintageTradingCo. said...

I have just aquired the same tripod but in army green with the case and metal tripod base. It is in mint condition and sweet! for pics

WestVintageTradingCo. said...

I just aquired this same tripod but in army green floating head and wooden legs with case and metal base!

Sweet email for pics and to tell me more about it.

Thanks, Michael

flynn palma said...

hi i have one identical to the one in picture and was wondering if there was any interest from anyone one the forum in purchacing

shmikeynyc said...

i have the very same one im looking to part with,any interest?