Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicopee: Fire Destroys Apartment Building.

Just a little while ago I returned to my office from the sad scene of a fire taking place in Chicopee, MA. Dozens of people converged in an attempt to view the scene as it unfolded. Cameras in hands, videos being made, people running back and forth looking for "the spot" to watch the devastation take place from, it was a very disheartening. I had already known the media was there to cover it, which means my images most likely wouldnt make the newspaper, like previous fires, but I still went to document the blaze. Here are a few images.

All Photographs are copyright Jeffrey Byrnes and Lenshare. Contact for media usage...Do Not Copy and Paste.

In a conscious effort to really show the depth of the scene, I produce a few panoramas. Shown below.


Anonymous said...

Jeff you really show how hard a firefighter's job really is. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Jeff great job on the pictures. I use to leave there and work for Tom the owner. It's sad to see it burn. I didn't loose anything in this just allot of good menmory about living there.Please if you read this think about those that did have and what the lost. Also it could have been worse. Again Jeff great job. I will look forward to see what happens with the place and hope Tom maybe open back up across the stree in the vacant store front.

Just Me

Anonymous said...

My husband is one of the firefighters that was fighting that fire. Thanks for posting this.

brooklyn movers said...

You've done a great job at capturing the action. Although it's disheartening to see the fire consume the property.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you for your comment Brooklyn. It was so sad to watch that building go up. Even more sad to see it be torn down the very next day.