Sunday, April 24, 2011

Re-visiting familiar places: Capturing the changes.

The last time I stood in this spot it was cold, snowing, and frozen over in a blizzard of New England furry. Today it is in the 70's and I have a few moments to enjoy an over-cast day while awaiting the arrival of a friend at Logan International Airport. The contrast in the weather and the holiday has brought a number of people to the sandy, low-tide shore of through Boston Harbor Walk. Families enjoyed walks on the beach, volley ball, and sitting and enjoying each others company. I used the opportunity, a brief moment, to capture the beauty of the day. I frequent this area when I am not shooting in Holyoke, or otherwise engaged in a project. It is a great area for making some wonderful street photographs and capturing the essence of moments at an urban beach setting. I've been contemplating a move to this area for its beauty and architecture. Whatever I decide, I will continue to visit.

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