Monday, July 7, 2008

Manfred Baumann

It is not every day that you come across someone who inspires you and yet reminds you of where you want to be. Some times when I am working on something, a project, or just have a thought, I find it a coincidence that I come across something that I can correlate to that project, thought, or particular something I am working on.

I recently picked up a magazine at B & N and as I read through it I came across a photographer who's story I found to be some what related to where I want to be in life. Manfred Baumann is an international photographer whom I find to be an inspiration. He has worked with countless celebrities, models, and has a few books out. Here is the link to his website so you can stop reading what I am writing and go check him out for yourself. I hope you agree with what I say...

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