Friday, September 11, 2009

IPhone and your DSLR: Controlling your Canon or Nikon DSLR with an Iphone or Itouch

I do not own an Iphone or Itouch (to bad my small Ipod support this feature). However, if I did this is something I would consider purchasing. A company called Ononesoftware has released an interesting application. DSLR Camera Remote It is the first application outside of the Speak Polish (an application that can translate, listen to, and repeat the Slavic language) application that I have seen that is worth having. Boasting it self as the “next generation of cable releases”, this impressive piece of software has a list of functions that seem pretty impressive for a cell phone. After all, it was merely a few years ago cell phones didn’t even have a camera.

Key Features include:

Remote firing, Remote adjustments, Image review, Live view, Intervalometer (used to trigger exposures), and Zero configuration.

Priced at a mere $19.oo this application will not break the bank, but break you free from your being trapped behind the lens, and possibly make you look cool. Well thats a given, but regardless of the wow factor, this app does seem to be a progressive step forward for ingenuity when it comes to cell phones, photography, and cameras.

For a list of update features that this application is capable of running, check out the site.

DSLR Camera Remote

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