Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Northampton, MA: Some personal thoughts and images.

The best way to describe my feelings towards Northampton is as follows, “ I am in love with Holyoke, but have a torrid love affair with Northampton.” On the average I can be found in one of these two towns making photographs. I work, manage, operate, and co-own a photography business in Holyoke, yet can be found enjoying the culture and night life that Northampton has to offer. For a few years now I have been wondering around Northampton, photographing the city as I see it. Documenting my time in the city to the point that it feels like home now.

These two photographs represent a different view of Northampton than most people will see. A view some people would rather not try and see, but very much enjoy seeing when presented to them. They also represent how this past summer I hit the pinnacle of memories formed in Northampton. This summer has brought the most changes in my life at one time. Some great, some good, some ok, and some bad. But within the bad still exists beauty. I have a much more fond appreciation for the time spent in Northampton this summer. Moments I dare not forget.



These images are grainy. This is due to being shot handheld at a slightly higher ISO than I would normally be found using. It was in the absence of a tripod that I was forced to use such a high ISO. These images were also shot from a dynamic vantage point. I.E scaling a fire escape to get this view.

Noho processed

Sitting in one of our regular places to grab a quick slice of pizza, Sam’s always has something going on inside or outside. And of course plenty of memories line the walls of Sam’s. What can truly be said about Northampton in one post and 3 crappy/quick photographs? Nothing more than one word, love. Which also happens to have been the theme for this summer as evenings were spent in Northampton.

I’ll end with this thought in mind.

“I could spend a life time photographing my memories of Western Ma, but the ones I want to remember the most I keep where no one  else can see them”

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