Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting Stella Johnson this past winter. Stella is a magnanimous photographer with a portfolio and client list that speaks volumes about her. Stella, a professor at the Art Institute of Boston, Boston University, as well as a professor for the Maine Media Workshops, she educates students in the craft of making photographs from a technical stand point as well as an intellectual  perspective. As an educator,  she is equally sublime.  Stella’s breadth of work is nothing short of an amazing life time of accomplishments. She is an award winning photographer who has worked and taught internationally. While studying at the Art Institute of Boston this past winter, I had the privilege of seeing an exhibition of her photographs from Mexico at an opening for her book. I was pleasantly enticed by her images. Her photographs showed me a piece of Mexico I wouldn’t have other wise seen unless having physically been there myself. Even then, her compositions captured an essence that only Stella could present the viewer.

I came across her work yet again on Lensculture. A great resource for seeing some serious photographers. Needless to say, I was surprised to discover her on Lensculture. I say surprised, but what I mean is, I was not expecting to see her taking second prize for her work. Though I am not surprised about by any means, considering she is an extremely brilliant photographer. Stella’s photographs both captivate and inspire me. I recommend viewing her photographs from Mexico and Africa. As both series earned her 2 Fulbright scholarships. Two achievements worth mentioning. Be sure to view her photographs at

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