Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Weeks

Over the past few weeks I, as well as my business partner have been very very busy. Our studio is finally complete. All the painting is done, the walls are fresh with paint and the hall way leading to our studio has a new paint job, as well as some art work going up. I have not chosen to speak to much about the business side of what I have been doing on Lenshare.

So, let me take a moment to introduce our business. True Resolution, is the business that we have incorporated this past year. Myself and Tim Lastowski have formed a partnership and co-own the business. As a business we photograph people, portraits, weddings, and a list of other services we are very much capable of producing for our clients.

Setting up our business and studio has been a fun and exciting challenge. It has by no means been an easy feat. But, it is something I have been preparing for years now. I have loved every minute of it. Establishing the business has brought some challenges. 1. Being unable to devote the time I want to, to Lenshare. I have a few articles that I am in the process of writing and have been slight distracted from as the business has picked up. 2. I have a few other projects that I have been working on that have kept my attention away briefly. But, I am back into the swing of things now. With great news! One of my biggest projects has just been noticed by a publication. The publication is going to feature the project, as well as send someone out to interview us. Stay tuned for this feature!

The following are some samples of images we have been shooting. From portraits to weddings.
















 21 a


Wedding 238

 Wedding 243

 Wedding 260






Kyle Eylssa 10_24 (261)

 Kyle Eylssa 10_24 (267)

 Kyle Eylssa 10_24 (268)

 Kyle Eylssa 10_24 (271)

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