Thursday, December 17, 2009

Landscape of Memories

Photographs can be visual memories that conjure up thoughts and feelings that tantalize, sadden, and at times fill us with emotions. A photograph made from an emotional response has a personal quality that only we the photographer (artist) can understand. That is unless you share the memory.

Landscape of Memories II

Landscape of Memories

Over the past month I have been working on a project that has brought me to familiar places. Places I have know for many of years. Places that I have photographed before, yet have had no real memory of or connection to. Part of my project has been about using film as a basis for getting away from the static every day use of digital. Film holds a nostalgic quality. A quality that can also be found in memories.  Film is more tangible than digital photography. From before you make a photograph, you are holding a piece of the photograph. I find that using film for my project gives more depth and dimension than shooting with digital.




My project is on going. It has been for some time now. New memories have created new images. Images I feel should be shared, shared with the people who carry the same memories.


VanDog said...

I really like the last photo. It captures the season perfectly.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you Peter. I saw similar view today while shooting for a client. Downside, I was unable to make the photograph because of my duties to our clients.