Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boston Massachusetts: Valentines day and more

On Valentines day I took a day trip to Boston. I took with me a beautiful girl and my Nikon film body. I barely made any photographs because of the nature of my visit, but made sure that I had a camera with me just incase. I had with me 2 rolls of Tri-X 400 speed black and white film. My black and white film choice. I spent the day meandering around the city and made a trip over to Cambridge, Ma as well.  As we ventured around the city exploring new and familiar landmarks we enjoyed the visual elements the city had to offer. From a Rockwellesque Frog pond in the commons to the historic sights of Harvard’s campus, we spent the day taking in new experiences. As night fell, we made our way over to the famous Northend to take in a most delightful and decadent  dinner at the very well known Lucia Ristorante After that we made our way through a very beautiful park just past the Lewis Wharf on the back bay. The arch ways of the park were lit up with blue and white lights that dotted the arches like a surreal-electric ivy growing around the wood. All in all it was a very beautiful day. Shortly after we made our way home for the night.

The following day I took another trip back to the city. This time I went to meet with a friend and bring him back home with me. We spent the day walking through Boston, the commons, Newbury st, Kenmore Sq and headed back over to Quincy Market place. I was traveling with my Nikon Pro Dslr this time. I had more time and flexibility to shoot than the previous day. Which to me was completely fine. The day before was set aside for a much more romantic setting than shooting. Though, as I explained it on Valentine’s day, I cant not got to Boston and at least have some sort of camera with me, you know, just incase there is that one moment we share, see, or can capture. That one image that could be looked back on as memory we other wise would have forgotten.

So, we walked through some more familiar locations, places I used to visit regularly this time last year when I was living in Cambridge. Below are a few photographs and panoramas I made while out there on Monday, following Valentine’s day.


Back Bay

This is one of my favorite spots in the Commons. The bridge I was standing on was the back drop for Mel Gibson’s latest box office drama. Edge of Darkness

Boston Common Pond

This was the first time I ever took a bus while in Boston. I much preferred taking the T vs. a bus. I just know the T much better than I do a bus. Although I did make good use of being on one.

 Interior of bus

This is a scene from the much known Newbury st. A shopaholics mecca for expensive fashionable, trendy, beautiful boutiques, stores, and some of the city's biggest fashion names. Like Burberry and Loius Vitton 

 Newbury st

This is one of the oldest areas in Boston. It is between the Northend and Quincy Market place. It is a very historic district with some fabulous brick buildings. Remincient of Holyoke 

 Old street number 2

This is, ( a very obscured panorama) of the park I mentioned above. The one that in the summer has roses growing all over the trellises. It was a very romantic stroll through as the blue and white lights illuminated the path.  

 Rose path




When I moved back from Cambridge in the late spring last year two things happened. 1. I left my heart in the greater Boston area. and 2. I came back to Holyoke to launch my studio and business. Which I am planning on expanding outwards back into the Boston and Cambridge area. I have a certain fondness for the historic aspects and qualities of Boston and especially Cambridge. Parts of Cambridge I had not visited since I had left last year. It was wonderful to see these places and sights again, furthermore it was a serious delight to be able to share them with the beautiful girl that accompanied me on our wanderings about the area.

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