Monday, March 8, 2010

Abandonment: The human disappearance. Part II

Last week I made a post, the one below, containing images from a documentary project I am working on. I made a third trip to this location this morning. There is maybe one more possibly two more trips left before I will have completed the project in terms of photographing the location. Here are the images that I made this morning. Over the course of this week I will be scanning the film that I shot early last week. Working without a darkroom is very hard to do and requires a little bit more time to get the film processed. As you can see from these images though, I am focusing on the remnants of the human presence. Nothing in these photographs has been constructed to add to the composition. Everything that I have photographed was and is left in the disarray that I have found it. There are a few more images to be made that really emphasizes the sudden and abrupt disappearance and abandonment of this property. Though the area outside of the building is shaping up for development, it really begs to question, why all of a sudden were only certain belongings taken and so much more left behind. On that note, I will end with this: there are more photographs to come that show the quick and impromptu vanishing of people. 

Chair and door Close up door and chair Down the stairs

 Glass wall I love you joey orange room

 Room with window on floor Room with window on floor 2 Shelves

 Shelves in room upside down chair


VanDog said...

All these shots came out great. Love the colors.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you Peter. The colors are really fantastic. Though the house is in a decrepit state, it truly is beautiful. I want to get the history of the house, in terms of year it was built and if it has more meaning than just a former college house.