Friday, July 2, 2010

A thought...

Summer has been upon us for a few weeks now. We have had a few days leading up to these warmer days that were pretty intense in terms of the heat. But now that summer is actually here, I mean the real days of summer, I have a thought. Every year a few weeks prior to the 4th of July people break out the fireworks and start to enjoy summer. It usually takes a week or two after the 4th for the independent displays of fireworks and celebrations to come to a stop. But for those few weeks, the sounds of the fireworks going off in neighborhoods across the area, the brilliant displays that illuminate the summers night sky, those are the moments that define what summer is becoming. Each year I await these moments to come, to bring about a set of memories of my childhood, images that I recall as a child having created in my mind. Sadly, this year I think I will have made it to one display of fireworks and that was last week. No doubt the images I created last week will occupy my mind till I can no longer envision then. But last year, last summer, last 4th of July, I created a set of images that will not soon disappear.

I am of course speaking purely of images representing memories. After all a photograph can be both one that is tangible, the image we capture and hold in our hands, or it can be the mental image that we capture with just our eye and hold within us. It is the image that only we can see and hold. This summer, this 4th of July will not compare to last year. A few reasons. One being the most obvious is the workload that I am investing a great deal of time into. This summer holds for me 3 exhibitions. After having finally getting my computer situation all figured out, or so I though, I was faced with yet another dilemma. My film scanner and my new iMac are not working together as they should be. Small detail that shouldn't have happened that really put a twist to my September exhibition. But never the less, things work out as they need to.

Below are a few sample images to show what I have been working the past few weeks. A lot of new work has been done. I have been pushing the boundaries in terms of what I have been trying to convey. This was a very simple article that turned into a little bit more. I am writing a very informative article that will be posted shortly.

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