Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Tougher Side

In a previously written post, I had mentioned having had a computer melt down. Literally, thats how it went down. There are certain, how shall I say it, not so positive, very un-condusive problems that can arise from needing to replace your entire computer network. Basically the system I had, need to be completely replaced. Which is fine, totally wanted a new and much faster mode of post-production, but when it is sudden and comes with a detrimental force, it can cause a ripple in your work flow. It did just that. Having rebounded from the backed up work, I am still left without a blogging software comparable to what I was using to write for Lenshare and Holyokeinphotos Windows Live Writer allowed me to do things that no other software has thus far. Granted, if I was using Wordpress, this article would not exist. But, I am to suffer till I find the happy medium I once had.

Here are a few shots from the shoots I've done over the past few weeks.

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