Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving Forward: New Studio, New Opportunities

Over the past two weeks our photography business has been forced to vacate the space in which we were shooting. Our studio was situated in a beautiful mill building in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Back in May, we, (business partner and I) found a beautiful building with ample natural light, very spacious for shooting, and the possibility to accomplish a lot of what we were seeking to do in terms of shooting. Now, after a slew of events, we are looking for new space. It is tough to find what you need when you can not out-right build what your shooting and business requirements demand. Here is one of the last portraits that has been made within the room that was filled with ample natural light.

It is very unfortunate that we have to vacate such a beautiful location, building, and opportunity. It is not within our control, nor was it a situation that our actions resulted in to cause the demise of this opportunity. Last Friday a former professor of mine visited our studio. He brought with him a class of his Photo Journalism students. They are working on a project visiting studios both photography and artist related. Their idea is based on how artists are revitalizing the city with art, technology, and innovation. The new artistic movement is creating a surge in studios rising in this area. The class came in for a small demonstration, a small discussion, and took a quick photo-tour of the building.

It was both rewarding for the students as well as I, for them to come in and visit. It gives the students an opportunity to see what creativity and an ambition can succeed to accomplish. The school in which my business partner and I met at deserve as much support as they can get. It was their institution, professionals, and educators that have inspired us to achieve what we want. The constant support and reinforcement in and out of the classroom has been nothing short of rich in terms of encouragement. As we move forward to a new space, it has been the networking and constant communication with our past mentors that is leading to newer and more exciting things for us as professionals and for our business.

Recent Landscape image to depict the season we are leaving behind.

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Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason, sir - you'll be on to bigger and better in no time! Great images as always, my friend!

Bob G