Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Online Photography Magazines

Lenshare is still in its infancy stages by my standards. Lenshare is still less a year old and growing up very quickly. However, there are big changes in the works, some exciting new things to come.

When I come across online publications such as the list of Online Photography Magazines that Smashing Magazine has put together, I get very inspired. I see a lot more publications starting to form online vs. print. Print media has taken a huge change over the past few years, as some publications fold up, some new ones are starting up online. I am always excited when I come across a new photography publication. There is a mulititude of information streaming across the internet. Every day is a chance to learn something new. Check out the list of online photography magazines, you will discover something new in their pages.

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VanDog said...

Wow, there's some great stuff on those sites. Makes me want to go out and try new stuff.