Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surrealist Photograph

I made this photograph over the course of this weekend. It is the first photo composite that I have made in a few months. This weekend was about including an international friend of mine into my life and the things I do, places I go, and what I do when I am not behind a computer or looking through the lens of a camera. That is the reason why I have not made a few posts since the beginning of the week. I have also been very busy the past 3 weeks setting up a new business. There will be a post about that to come very soon. Being that I have devoted so much time to the new business, I have been unable to make photographs like these for some time. But hopefully the new work I have been doing will also allow me a few creative breaks to make a few more surrealist photographs.

Here is my surrealist photograph. I made this photograph on the Historic Warf in Salem Massachusetts.



VanDog said...

It's very artsy, a departure from what I've come to expect from you.

Hey I found your framed photo from the Wistariahurst auction at the home of Holyoke City Councilor Tim Purrington. Tim loves the grittiness of it, and asked that you not print any more copies, for exclusivity reasons.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

It is a creative break from the work I do on a day to day basis. Its a way of exploring the endless possibilities that exist in photoshop.

I am flattered that my photograph is enjoyed on such a high level. However, that is asking a very large favor. I was actually going to make that photograph an edition, consider the one he has as being the first. And make the rest a series.