Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Black and White Photographs

Holyoke, MA is a post industrialist city. Once a thriving, economically building city of factories and mills, Holyoke is seeing a lot of change as the creativity and talent flourish. Holyoke is beautiful. There are endless possibilities and prospects in Holyoke. Holyoke is a period of rebirth. Someday very soon we are going to see Holyoke be as strong and viable as it once was.

View of the canal

City Hall 2

Roof top open square

City Hall closer up

Northampton, Ma: This next photograph is of a Street philosopher in Northampton. Steve, AKA Philo has but one mission in life, and that is to “make things make sense”.

Street Philospher

Noho street light shadow

noho church

Shellburn Falls, MA

Shelburn falls

Shelburn Falls Grocery Store


Mariona said...

Lovely pics, capture the simplicity and beauty of things ...

RonSchuijt said...

O my god a street philosopher! that's so cool

Alina said...

Great photos! The black and white tone is my favourite effect. It brigs out the beauty in things.