Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Copy Rights

In a quick thought, I am really curious to see what people have to say about copy rights and placing a logo, business name, studio name, and or a copy right logo on your photographs. In Fine Arts photography with hand made silver prints you never see people placing studio names or copy right logos on their work.

I am not fond of placing logos on my photographs whether they be digital or hand made prints. What are your thoughts on the idea? But at the same toke, I have had work stolen from websites it was posted on. I just do not think putting a logo on the photograph will keep people from stealing what they want.

Share your thoughts....


Sheryl said...

People will steal it regardless, but I like to put it on is my little Yeah, I did that.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Its still mixed emotions for me. The above post clears up what I am pretty sure I am going to be doing. Thank you for your input Sheryl.