Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Bang Glorious: A Photo Exploration

June 2009 393

Big Bang Glorious was a one night mixed-multi-media exhibition. The entire second floor hall way of the C building at Holyoke Community College was the birthplace to this wild exhibit. When we spoke with the artist, he explained to us, “that we would totally appreciate hearing this, this project came out exactly as how I saw it in my head”.  Being the artist that I am, I knew exactly what he was referring to and fully appreciated being a part of his exhibit. I know the level of work and intensity that it takes to convey and idea for people to see. The amount of time and effort spent constructing and maintaining this brain child of Dan O’Neil consumed the better part of a year. 11 months to be exact.

I was invited to Big Bang Glorious a few months back. But the day of exhibition the artist contacted me and asked me to bring my camera with me. I thought to myself, why ask me to do something I was already planning on doing? Well, because he wanted to ensure that I would capture the exhibit in my style and he also wanted to make sure that I would have it with me in order to document the event so he could use the images. I was very happy to be able to make some photographs of the exhibit. Below you will see some very unique photographs. These are images I might not usually be found making. But hey, after all, thats why I was asked to bring my camera. The artist knew that I would take what I was viewing, interpreting, and perceiving and make some unique photographs based on these principals. One of the most enthralling aspects of shooting an exhibition of this magnitude was the fact that as I was shooting, it felt as if I was a part of the exhibit. There were numerous projectors, screens, makeshift screens, make shift frames , computers, and speakers showcasing hundreds of images and videos. I have never been to an exhibition that took on such a live-creative process. I am excited to see it take place again in September. 

My photographs represent a visual display of the space around me. . I also explored the realm of possibilities while being present in such a creative atmosphere. My goal was to photograph the way the light played so creatively within the elements of the exhibit while documenting the entire exhibit for the artist. Enjoy!

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VanDog said...

This looks cool. I feel like I might of missed something.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Indeed you did miss out. It was a very interesting exhibition that will be taking place again in September.