Sunday, June 28, 2009

New and New…

I have spent my entire life living in New England. Living in a region like New England you come to expect the most interesting weather. One thing that is ingrained in every New Englander, besides loving each season, is knowing how quickly the weather changes and being able to forecast these changes. Over the past month, possibly a little longer, New England has been experience some terrible weather. We have barely had any days that feel like summer. Everyday we are saturated rain and thunderstorms as well as a grey overcast sky. Today however, we managed to make it nearly a whole day with June like weather. That is until we had a very nice thunderstorm pass over. I made both of these photographs just as the storm was rolling in very fast. I was working on a project outside, painting a desk for my office, when I happened to look up and see the clouds forming, moving quickly, and taking on some beautiful colors and tones. I grabbed my camera and quickly made a few photographs of the clouds. By the time I get back outside from putting the camera in the house, thunder began to roll in from a not so distant storm. I love a good thunderstorm, but I also love seeing blue skies. Hopefully soon enough the rain and storms will pass and we will have the summer that should already be here.

Number 1 June 2009


Number 2 June 2009


 Lenshare coming soon

Thats right! Lenshare will be taking on a new look/layout very soon. Lenshare’s 1st anniversary is nearly over, to celebrate the 1 year mark, Lenshare will be making some very positive upgrades. As well as another major surprise to be coming in the next week.  Lenshare will be taking on a few new features in order to give you the best possible content, images, and resources to find the most unique information possible. At Lenshare 50% of our focus is to inform and educate.  If you are just making your way onto Lenshare for the first time, you are going to be in for some amazing posts. If you have been following Lenshare for some time now, we are pleased to have you as a reader/follower and look forward to your continued loyalty by giving you something new and exciting. We would also appreciate your feed back. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas about what you would like to see featured here on Lenshare, we welcome your opinions and would like to hear your thoughts. We have some great articles and posts we are anxious to publish. So please, stay tuned to see the new and exciting changes.

The staff at Lenshare,

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