Tuesday, June 9, 2009

History Lesson and more...

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Jacques Henri Lartigue can very easily be regarded as a genius with a camera. A more appropriate title would actually be "boy genius". Henri Lartigue was merely a small child when he picked up a camera and began his career as a photographer. Lartigue's body of work is as impressive. What makes this "boy genius" so special then? Well besides making photographs at such a tender age, starting roughly when he was several years old. Lartigue captured paradoxal moments with his camera. The three images that accompany this post are great examples of this.

When I first learned about Lartigue, I was completely blown away with how he managed to make photographs that captured the brilliance of of motion. Lartigue literally froze time with his camera. The photograph above shows the motion of the car traveling. However you can only see the motion in the background. Lartigue froze the car in a perfect composition that shows the speed of which it was traveling.

The power of the internet can be a very funny resource when it comes to finding out information. A few searches to pull up some factual evidence to support my knowledge of Lartigue pulled up a few things that did not make sense. One website that I found claimed Lartigue to have first started making photographs when he was 11. 11 still being a young age, was not the truth. I found a few other sites that put claim to some false information. However Lartigue's Wiki Page has all the right facts about him. When I was in college, I found a reproduction of the first photograph pictured above. I was shocked and amazed to see it sitting in the bottom of a box ready to be put to the trash. I was not very hesitant to take the photograph and put it into a collection of images that I have obtained over the years. Reproductions are worth money, especially one of this calliber. Lartigue's body of work is great representaion of a life time achievement by a Master of Photography.

Cool New Camera Gear

Check out these cool products by Interfit. Interfit Strobies Will these products make you a better photographer? No, that comes with years of practice, patience, willingness to try new things, and the artistic ability to grow as a person and a photographer. These Strobies though, will improve the quaility of your image when it comes to using your speed light. And if you follow the strobist mindset, like hundreds of thousands of photographers, than you will truely appreciate these products.

Why use a flash?
Because the good folks and Smash & Peas said so. Why Use A Flash

Not so much a photography product, however, this snazzy little desk will be going into my work space. I was searching for a very simple, a desk that will hold my lap top, camera, and external hard drive, when I was given a very offer. This desk below is simple, small enough to fit nicely in my space, and matches the color of the floor very well. The good people over at CSNOfficeFurniture.com hooked me up with this nice offer. Check out the site. They have some great office/studio furntiture as well as fixtures available.

4D Concepts Office Desk

4D Concepts has created an office desk with an overwhelming compromise in mind-the plain but desirable concept of simplicity has fused with aesthetic, ornamental design to create an office desk defined by functionality. This is undoubtedly the formula for success in building an office desk with the sole goal of worker efficiency in mind. By using this formula, 4D Concepts has become a leader in office furniture for the last ten years, and they continue to produce quality products. Nowadays, consumers are more frequently seeing office desks that are wonderfully ornate and fashionable, but hardly practical. After all, the most important aspect of a good office desk is how functional it is in terms of space, comfort, and organization. The 4D Concepts Office Desk is a working area that is simply designed, but visually appealing as well, with its beautiful espresso and laminate finish. This is an office desk designed for those long days at the office where space and organization are absolutely essential for individual success and career advancement. This fits right in with the creed of 4D concepts, “The customer is always #1.” Perhaps they should change their motto to “Keeping it delightfully simple.”

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