Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bags, Bags, and more Bags.

When you are out in the field, traveling, or just carrying your equipment from shoot to shoot, you want to have the best and most durable bags possible. I came across a site that has some very great prices on some very good bags.

With a tripod strap and small compartment for the feet of the tripod, plus the ability to carry your laptop, this bag is number one on my list of bags to purchase.

This next bag falls into a specific style that I prefer. I prefer a bag that holds the camera up top like the picture above. I feel this is a more secure way of placing your camera in the bag as apposed to the to bags that keep the camera at the bottom. Bags like these also open wide and have almost all your equipment and gear easy to grab at once instead of open different parts of the bag.

SoundKase Photog Camera Pack

Naneu Pro Bravo Camera Backpack Military Series - Small

Budget friendly bag. Not my preferred way to place my camera in a bag. But this seems to be a very secure way bag.

This site features great deals on bags. All the above mentioned bags can be found on this site. The prices and discounts are almost unbeatable. Great prices on Camera Bags Lowepro makes some very good bags. They have a great product line that you can see here at Lowepro

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