Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paper City Brewery: A Photographic Exploration Part II

I was very interested to document what the employees were doing, their jobs, how they process was functioning, and to photograph them while they did what they were there to do. One hour of shooting is not enough time to document the process completely. My goal would be to spend a few more days, hours, and perhaps a month or two making photographs to form a larger documentary on how a micro brewery functions. Paper City is only open to the public from the Spring-Early Fall. All summer long they open their doors a few nights a week. People are welcome to come in, purchase a glass, and drink till they are comfortable. As the customers leave with smiles on their faces, they are give a complimentary sample to take with them. I look forward to returning to Paper City to make more photographs and produce a much stronger and dynamic documentary on the Micro Brewery.  A grateful thank you goes out to my friend Peter. He was able to get us into the brewery so we could make these photographs.

Brewery 068

Brewery 072

Brewery 076

Brewery 080

 Brewery 083

Brewery 091

Brewery 093

Brewery 094

Brewery 096

Brewery 099

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KB Designs said...

im surprised they let you in there and take pictures

Tony said...

I like that third pic down, that's HDR'd, right?

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Tony, the third one down is comparable to HDR I used whats called Nikon D-Lighting to remove parts of the shadows.

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks, Jeffrey. =]

VanDog said...

Your welcome Jeff, the real thanks should go to Jay Hebert for letting us run all over the brewery. I think he would be receptive to a photo documentary.