Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some snow, some rain, some HDR in Holyoke

During the rain we had on Wednesday I took a few minutes, well more like an hour to do some HDR photos.

City hall from parking garage toned and textured

picnic tabel toned unsharp

wall toned unsharp

I saw around several abandoned chairs in the very small area that I was in today. I saw chairs in the most awkward of places. Places you wouldn’t be found sitting or even want to sit.

Chair final

chair 3 final



All photographs Copy Right and Jeffrey Byrnes 2008-2009


Reducing in HM said...

Wonderful pictures! Those chairs actually look like they would have been really nice pieces once. A pity someone trashed them.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you. You know I thought about taking one of them with me. There was one that I saw that wasnt in that bad of shape. A little cleaning and it would have been fine. But I didnt think I had the space to store it.

VanDog said...

Those chair photos are awesome. Kodos for going out in the weather and getting the shots.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Thank you!

I almost prefer weather like that. As long as my camera is dry I dont mind the weather being bad. There are so many more possibilities for dramatic photos when its not 70 degrees, sunny, blue skies, and the birds chirping.