Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nikon News *Update*

These past few months I did a few posts recommending a few Nikon models that I feel are worth the purchase. And also because I was asked which camera I thought would be ideal for a christmas present and which one I think would be good to have as an every day use camera with out the Pro model line prices. One particular model that I am very fond of, but was slightly turned off by, the Nikon P6000. This camera packs a mean punch with its impressive 13.5 mega pixel rating. Now, what initially deterred me away was if you look at the camera there is no visible flash. Which lead me to believe in order to own this camera it was mandatory you purchase a speed light. SB400, goes for a mere $99.99 but that adds to the cameras cost of $499.00. Canon has a camera that is comparable to the P600.

(the only picture I could find with the flash up)

The Canon G10, with 14 mega pixels. The camera's flash is visible. Now, if you go to and read the specs and the list of the cameras features, you will see there is no mention of the cameras built in flash. In contrast if you go to Canon's website you can read about the cameras built in flash. Not having had the chance to play with the Nikon P6000 yet, most stores around here didn't have it in stock when I wrote about it. I was unaware of the cameras built in POP up flash. Yes that is right, the camera does have a POP up flash. This product is now back on the list of cameras that I recommend getting as a second camera, a back up camera, or to have as a camera to travel with, shoot with when you don't want to drag your D-SLR around, or just have to have. So, I suggest going to your local camera retailer and giving this camera a "lookin at".

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