Sunday, July 26, 2009

A 3rd night: Adding to the two night portfolio.

Yes, that is right a 3rd night shooting. A 3rd night taking a break from work to do, well more work. Me and Tim spent about an hour shooting some very interesting pieces of stairs against a building in Holyoke. Here is another mini photo essay and images that can be included into the mini 2 night portfolio.

It was a very warm night. The aromatic pleasure of food was carried very heavily through the air by a slight breeze. Cars passed, people walked the streets in search of a cure for their boredom, mischievous youths ran the streets, yet, no one had a clue as to what we were doing. Our shutters opened and closed in 30 second intervals. Occasionally a flash went off as new ideas were executed. Small talk was made between us as we composed our next exposure. Every few images we would call one another over excitedly to see the previous shot. Quick critiques were made as new ideas were formed. Try this, or shoot from this angle, what about trying this location? These were the types of conversations we had as we looked up, searching the night sky, the buildings, the elements around us, all while trying to find the next money shot…

Photographs by: Jeffrey Byrnes

 Stairs_1  stairs_3 stairs_4 stairs_5   stairs_8 stairs_7stairs_6Tim_1

Photographs by: Tim Lastowski

tim_5 Tim_1 Tim_2 tim_3 tim_4

More to come…


Tony said...

Very cool; is that infrared?

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

No it is not infrared. I would have loved to have used infrared, but its a combination of lighting, in camera black and white, and a little post-processing that achieved the final look. But thank you Tony!