Monday, July 20, 2009

Some HDR vidoes

I find that searching is a great resource for finding some informative video tutorials about photography. I was doing some research today about HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography). I was reading an article posted on a blog that I follow, and the article went on to desrcibe the fact that HDR is here to stay. This is very true. HDR is becoming more widely accepted as a new digital photography industry standard. I have been seeing more and more HDR images pop up in publications. Not just photography publications, but all types of publications are now expierementing with these new types of photography post processing techniques. I have made a numerous posts about HDR over the past year. I found a few great videos that I would like to share. I think these videos do a great job of explaining and showing what HDR is and how to achive the surreal look that is gaining a lot of attention. Enjoy!

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