Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adobe Light Room and some Nikon News…

Nikon News This comes as a shock to me. Nikon Service Advisory: Some D5000s Fail to Power On Take a moment to read this if you have recently purchase the Nikon D5000. The reason I am shocked, is because Nikon has always made great cameras. I have never had any issues with the Nikon cameras I have owned or used. This seems like quite a major issue that Nikon will have to tackle. The above link can provide you with all the necessary information needed to take care of the problem, if you are experiencing  that is.

Adobe Light room is a very effective photo program. The key feature that I find to be the most useful and interesting: Non-destructive, local collections. That and the batch processing tools make for a much easier workflow. Check out a few tutorials below. I can guarantee that there will be something in these tutorials that you will find helpful.

Adobe Light Room: Dodging and Buring


Adobe Light Room Local Adjustments: Non-Destructive Edits


Adobe Light Room: Camera Calibration and Camera Profiles

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