Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashionably New Tones: Working with cool tones.

It is very rare that I will use cool tones in my photographs. I try and stay closer to warm tones whether that is how I am shooting or post processing my photographs. I have never really found a use for cold, cool, or blue tones in much of my work. However, a shoot last night gave me the opportunity to give my self a push in a new direction with the use of some cool tones. These are a few of the photos from a portrait shoot last night.

Ron in the basment 2 Ron in the basement 4 Edited

 Ron in the basement 5 Edited

 Ron in the basement 11Ron in the basement 054


VanDog said...

Don't get me wrong, these are very good photos, world class, but I also want to add the constructive criticism that in my mind they are easily forgettable. Perhaps that's because this style of photography is either dated, or too far ahead of the curve for me.

All that being said, if the client was pleased then they are 100% successful.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

You know, I have never heard that expression about my work. I am very curious as to what other people think now. I had some feed back last week that was along the lines of the post editing was something to think less about because of time restraints for a client. But time is not a factor in the involvement of the work being given to the client. I will take your criticism into consideration and give some thought about what you said.

Thank you for your constructive criticism. It is always appreciated.

VanDog said...

For things to be memorable they have to illicit an emotion.

This reminds me, I had this problem when I did landscaping back in the day. After 6 hours of working on an overgrown yard it looked like nothing had been done because the yard looked just right. If I had left a huge pile of brush on the ground then you could see that something was done, but since I always cleaned as I went my work was invisible, and the final effect was too clean to merit recognition. This raised questions by some customers, coming home for the day to see me packing up, if I had done anything.

I learned to give bushes unusual shapes, or mow the yard in an unexpected pattern to give customers a visual that rendered a judgment call on my work. Whether they liked my work or not, they didn't forget that work had been done.

Your photos suffers in the same way. I've only seen a few from this shoot, but if you have some unexpected angles, like this one, then they instantly become memorable.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

I agree with you 100% These were something that I do not usually do. So that is one reason why they are so plain and ordinary. Its also partially do to my search of a new style and to do something I do not normally do.

But thank you for your constructive criticism.