Monday, February 9, 2009

Shepard Fairey: The worst possible timing.

This past Friday while Shepard Fairey was on his way to his first ever solo-exhibition he was arrested on charges of graffiti stemming back a number of years. *Shepard Fairey's Arrest*
Some of you might be saying, "who the hell is Shepard Fairey? and why am I reading about him on your site?" Well Shepard is the man behind the Iconic Barack Obama campaign poster. He is also the legend who started Andre the Giant has a pose. The also Iconic stickers seen through out the world. Much like a photographer, Shepard is a visual artist whos work is very influential. As early as I can remember I have seen the Andre the Giant stickers all over. I think that it was a very poor choice to make an arrest on the night of a major career achievement.

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