Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steet Photography: Joel Meyerowitz

I came across this video of Joel Meyerowitz shooting on the streets of New York City. It gives the viewer some insights into how a prominent and well respected photographer approaches his subject matter and makes his compositions. Enjoy!

Here are a few videos about Henri Carte Bresson


Greg Saulmon said...

I dunno -- I feel like all of Meyerowitz's bobbing and weaving (and the dressing like a cat burglar) makes him seem way more conspicuous. I was getting nervous that someone would just haul off and kick him in the head.

It's an issue I struggle with all the time, though -- you want to disappear, to be left alone to do your work. But it's tricky. People are curious.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

I found his movements and gestures to be some what funny. I wonder if anyone has ever assaulted him for his work?

People are very curious when photographers are working. There are times people stop and talk to me, stop and jump in front of my camera and say surprise, or walk by lifting their shirt and flash you a rather morbid view of their extra large waist line.

I think I would be worried though, if it wasn't a struggle. If it came to easy, one could find themselves in a situation where a foot is about to make contact with your head...

andreakgb said...

hey !
I accidentally found this blog searching on google on black and white photos ..

I love photographing !! everything with it.
awesome blog !!

hugs from Andrea