Thursday, February 19, 2009

Film Still Lives On: Kodak Announces Ektar 100 sp 120 Film.

While most people are throwing their analog (film) cameras in the closets to to make room for their new digital cameras. Kodak has announced this week that they will be producing 100 speed Ektar 120 format color negative film. What does this mean? This means that some pros wont be ditching their Mamyias, Hassalblads, or other medium format camera they are currently using. While there are a lot of pros who abandoned film altogether, the ease of renting or leasing a pro meduim format camera has become significantly easier, there are still those eclectic group of photographers who are dedicated to film. The second biggest group of photographers who could benifit from film, are students. Students still get the chance to expierence film in wet labs and darkrooms around the world. A vast majority shoot using meduim or large format. 4x5 is the preferred camera of choice. Next up are the dedicated Holga users. The photographers that are "married" to their Holga cameras as a few people have mentioned to me.

Why still use film? Well film is fun. Film is tangible. Loading a roll of film into your camera is not the same as shoving a memory card into your camera and turning it on. Holding those negatives in your hand represent your creativity and your vision. Plus, just because you shoot film, that doesn't meant you need to run out and buy an entire darkroom. You just need to simply scan your film and print your photographs digitally. This gives you more freedom to take those negatives and scan them into photoshop and do some post-processesing that you couldnt do with film 20 years ago. I do not think we will be seeing an end to film for a while. Even though I stated in a post below that film is seemingly on its way out, it isn't going any where just yet.

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