Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its not often...and more

Its not often that you find a professional photographer now a days that desires to shoot mainly in black-and-white. But fashion photographer Michael Creagh does just that. I read a great publication, Digital Photo Pro, they have a very inspiring article about Michael Creagh. You can read it here on their website. Digital Photo Pro: Michael Creagh

When I bought the latest that has this particular article in it, I noticed that it seemed as if it has lost some weight. It seems to be about 1/8th the size of the last few issues I have bought. I sincerely hope that they are not facing financial troubles like some of the other publications that are folding up. Digital Photo Pro is easily one of my top five publications that I read on a monthly basis. I suggest picking up an issue and reading what they have to offer. I find reading an actually magazine/publication is a lot more satisfying than reading publications through digital mediums.

Nikon D3x Video

CS4 Panorama


VanDog said...

What's the use of all those mega pixels in the D3x if the light sensitivity is lowered from the D3? I'll take higher ISO over mega pixels any day.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Bumping the ISO might not always be the best option. It also depends on your need for such a high end camera. I prefer higher mega pixels vs an extremely high ISO. I tend to shoot at low ISO any ways. Mega pixels mean more to me when I want a large photograph printed.

VanDog said...

Ahhh! I didn't think about printing. I spend too much time in my little digital world.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Exactly! it is easy to forget about the printing aspects of photography with the digital era so fully devoted online platforms.

You being a mostly online journalistic photographer need not spend thousands on a camera that can have images on the side of a bus or a billboard. For you, 12 mega pixels is plenty good enough.