Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photoshop: Scratch Disks are full...

For the past two days I have been having a sever problem trying to do any form of work in photoshop. Luckily I was able to escape some of the issues by taking the longer road around the problem, that meaning I was able to do it the long way instead of my many shortcuts. So what has been the problem? Well I have been seeing a little dialog box pop up, " Scratch disks are full can not complete, when I would try and do things.

Such as flattening an image, or trying to copy, paste, or create a new document. Kind of annoying when you are trying to get your clients work done on time right? Well after closing photoshop and letting the computer take a nap, I figured Id give it another try today. Nope, did not help at all. Fed up, I took this issue to good ol' google. I managed to find out exactly what the problem was. This article on "What is the Photoshop Scratch Disk? How Do You Fix "Scratch Disk Full" Errors?" was able to fill me in on just what the problem was. It made total sense. Having uploaded in the neihborhood of 2500 images in the past week, I can see where my hard drive would be saying, "nope, not having this". The simple solution for me, remove all my photos from my hard drive and back them up onto my external hard drive. Now things are running smooth. No more errors and back to the regular work flow. Keep some space free on your system so that way you will not run into problems like this or problems of any kind.

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