Monday, May 18, 2009

The Web's Best

I happen to follow quite a few photography blogs. Each one has something unique and different to offer that makes it stand out from the rest. In comparison to each other, they are unalike, and full of resources that even the most professional of photographers could find useful.

Starting at the top of the list, there is Scott Kelby. If you do not know who Scott Kelby is, then you should check out this site. Even if you do, well his blog has something new each week. So who is Scott Kelby? Well he is only the worlds leading author on photoshop books. Not just manuals, but actual books worth reading. He is also the author of a few other outstanding photography books.

This book pictured here on the left is one book in particular I think is worth reading for people that are very interested in going places with their photography. I was asked by email if it was a book worth reading. I went out and looked at it, did some reading, and found this to be one of the best photo books I have seen in a while. Scott is also an amazing professional photographer. If you dont take my word for it, check his outstanding portfolio site.

Next up we have a simple site with a one focus in mind. "Learn how to light" The is a blog that has been around for a few years now. Their goal, shoot your flash off camera. Using wireless triggers and receivers they create outstanding photographs by using their flashes off the camera. They have pioneered a whole, (almost cult following) school of thought on how to shoot and create lighting. I have seen some amazing ideas for lighting, including one particular post where the photographer light his kitchen with around 8 flashes to get a beautiful image to include in his house selling blog. There are even youtube videos explaining the set ups they use.

Coming in third we have The Digital Photography School. Another educational resource for photographers. This site has it all. Well, not really, but pretty damn close. You can find a vast amount of information on this site, from how to shoot portraits to the latest photoshop CS4 tutorials as well as what equipment to shoot with and what products are good. The Digital Photography School has something for everyone.

Lighting Essentials
is another brilliant take on lighting. They are a massive resources for learning how to use strobes, natural light, and work with models. They are a professional source for information.

Melissa Rodwell, a fashion photographer has a great blog. Her, fashion photography blog has some very insightful takes on her photography. Like Scott Kelby, she explains how she works and gives insight into her work as a photographer. I have a great deal of respect for photographers who explain how they work and create photographs.

Next up we have Free Photo Resources. This site is again an educational site that has a multitude of information. Not just a site that shows you how to make photographs, but a site that introduces you to photography in a variety of aspects. From some of the most contemporary practices all the way down to what neutral density filters are, to explaing what street photography is. I have partnered, (linked up) with Free Photo Resources, so I am happy to pass on some amazing information that they publishing.

Photo Business News & Forum
is literally just that. They are a great site that educates people on the practices of being in business when it comes to photography.

This next site is pretty cool. Though, I do not remember how I came about finding them, I am glad that I did. They always have some kind of cool post. Smash and Peas Photography Blog is fairly new but has some useful content.

And finally we come to Lens Culture. Lens Culture is a contemporary blog that hosts the names and photography of hundreds of photographers from around the world. Their site is comprised of a blog, archive, book reviews, store, and links. A great site to be introduced to some amazing photography.

This is just scratching the surface of the web's best. These are the sites I follow, which are among the best on the web. If you know of any other sites that you feel should make it on this list, please email me the link and why you think they are among the best.


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Lee Milthorpe said...

Hey Jeff, Lee here from Smash and Peas. Thanks for the mention and the kind words, it's much appreciated!

You've got a good blog here and I'll be coming back again. Keep up the good work!