Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nikon D400

During my little internet search a few moments ago I happened to click onto a very great site. It has all the top photography news. Alltop As I started to look through the links they had I noticed one that just jumped out from the rest. Is Nikon putting out a D400? It may appear that way. The D300 is a great and perfect camera. I have used and shot with the D300. The D700 is an impeccable camera that is a step forward from the D300. So where will this leave the D400? Will this new addition to the Nikon family surpass the D700 or will this be model that falls right in between the 300 and 700? I am not sure yet. But, it looks to be housing a 16-18 MP sensor and HD Video and Steryo capabilities. It looks to be like another fine camera by Nikon. I am anxious to see what proceeds the D3X.

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