Monday, August 18, 2008

Big pixles equal big bucks

Digital medium format cameras have undergone a drastic and giant step forward this past year. I recently read an article in Digital Photo Pro that discusses the advancements that digital medium format cameras have had. Not only did this article describe the new changes and new cameras that are out, it also gives great advice how D-SLR cameras differ from Digital Medium Format cameras.

Here I am showing you the new Hasselblad H3D. The first of its kind by Hasselblad. This model is the only one so far to have a dedicated digital back. This means that no other company as a digital back that can adapt to this body. A bold move by Hasselblad that shuts out the competition.

Sinar is a company that I had never heard of until I started reading this article. Sinar seems to be an equally great company with a solid camera. The top of this HY6 opens up and you can look down and see though the lens similar to the film versions of medium format slr and tslr cameras.

The article goes on to talk about the new products that are out by Leaf and Mamiya. If you know your up to date on cameras than you know that Mamiya and Leaf are very great companys. Leaf digital backs fit both Mamiya and Hasselblad. Leaf has also introduced its own body that of course would adapt their digital backs.

The average digital medium camera runs any where from $4000.00 upwards of $40,000 for brand new. However, you can find older Hasselblad bodies that do accept Leaf digital backs for a fraction of the cost. The difference between D-SLR and Digital Medium Format of course is the square format and the huge mega pixel difference. The average D-SLR holds a max of 10-12 mega pixels. Where as the Medium format ( the D-SLR s bigger brother ) bosts an average 20 to nearly 40 mega pixel difference. Of course, as you know the higher the mega pixel rating the larger your photographs can be printed as well as the better and bigger the quality you can achieve from shooting with medium format.

The growing trend lately is photographers have been renting out digital medium format cameras. I have seen a few short articles talking about rentals. The high price tags keep most photographers from affording their own set up. But, more and more companies are renting out these luxury cameras for shoots that demand the quality that these cameras can produce. So, if you can afford to shoot Digital Medium Format, then check out the new products that are coming out. If you can afford to shoot with any of the above cameras that I have discussed than check this out.
Rolleiflex has introduced a 3 mega pixel version of its Twin Lens Relfex camera. The price tag $399.00 Great for beginning digital medium format photography.

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