Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who's famous, whos not...

Today while I was doing a google search for famous photographers, ( I was searching to see who would compare against the names I already know) I came across a link to The title of the link in google was Famous and Influential Photographers. The first name I see on the list is Bernice Abbot. Bernice Abbot is a know for her New York City photographs in the 1930's.

Next on the list was Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams is a house hold name because of his dramatic and beautiful landscape photographs. However, most people do not know recognize him for being one of the first persons to photograph Yellow Stone National Park, for that matter even know that he is responsible for the Yellow Stone Parks existence today. Had it not been for his images Yellow Stone would not exist today.

After Ansel Adams, was Margaret Bourke White. She was a photo-journalist and shot for the first cover of Life Magazine. The next name on the list is a personal favorite whom I feel has made a tremendous contribution to world of photography. Henri Carte Bresson. If you do not know this name then I suggest you stop reading immediately and minimize this page and go straight to google and type his name up, and read all about him. Or just click the link below and read up about him. He coined the term, "the decisive moment". A quote that plays a vast role in my own photography. For example, this photograph below shows the perfect moment in time, the dog is glancing up just as the couple kisses one another. "The decisive moment".

Here is another example of the perfect moment in time. The person is in mid-air as this photograph is made.

Now, I have listed four photographers who have made priceless contributions to photography. Four photographers who are known world wide for their photographs. All have achieved a level of fame based on their enormous contributions. Four photographers that have influenced thousands of photographers the world over.

Right underneath Carte Bresson's name was the name of a photographer that I feel should be listed some where else. Anne Geddes. She has sold millions of calenders and books. She has photographed babies for her entire career. Granted she can make a nice photograph, I do not see how she can be amongst the names I mentioned above. I do not know of any contribution she has made in photography that has either changed or inspired a generation of photographers. She is not responsible for starting a photographic movement like Pictorialism or the Photo Sucessionsts. All I know her work to be is of babies. I feel she belongs in a different category, not one that makes suggestions that she is an influential photographer.

Right under Geddes on the list is Dorothea Lange. Another extremely important photographer. She photographed during the depression working for the Farm Security Administration, under the direction of Roy Stryker. Dorothea's most famous photograph entitled the Migrant Mother shows the conditions she was photographing. She photographed migrant workers and farm families, some of which were stuck living on the road side because they had no money.

The photography of Geddes does not fall into the same category of importance like the photographers I have mentioned here. However, Geddes has made a name for herself in what she photographs. But I feel she deserves her own category on the page that her name was found on.


Sheryl said...

I love learning about photographers that have shaped the way we see the world. I love that photo of the man jumping the puddle. It is absolutely brilliant. I agree with you on Anne Geddes. Her work is cute, but certainly not influential. Thank you for this blog!!

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Sheryl, your comments really further my desire to inform and educate people in photography. Saying thank you was an extremely generous and sincere compliment. So to your thank you I say, you're welcome and thank you in return.