Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stacked rocks

Has anybody ever gone for a hike and seen a rocks strategically placed on top of each other? I have been shooting pictures of stacked rocks for some time now. Until yesterday I had no idea what the mean of it was. Someone in the studio told me it was a
Zen thing. I was a little skeptical to believe that. So thinking I would do a google search later in the day, thinking well now I have something to go on, I dismissed any thoughts about it till I could do a google search. However, while out last night walking through a very luxurious mall in Connecticut I happened to glance into a store as I was walking by. To my surprise and delight they had stacked rocks for sale. I quickly went in and to my surprise they had an explanation of what this rock formation phenomena was really called.

With the assistance of Wikipedia I can give a good definition of what they mean and why people do this. Follow the link and see more examples of the uses and read up on the history of Cairns


Cairns are often erected as landmarks. In ancient times they were erected as sepulcher monuments (a type of burial chamber or tomb), or used for practical and astronomical uses.

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