Sunday, August 17, 2008

A view from across the tabel

Sunday was just such a beautiful day. It was hot but not terribly hot. I had the luxury of having a beautiful dinner with a friend at one of my favorite places in Northampton, The Teapot. Our dinner was just beautiful, the weather was just right, but the one major issue that would have bugged most of you. As we began to eat the waitress began to lower the awning so the sun would keep from going in our eyes. As she lowered it dust, dirt, and mold fell onto our food and drinks. After calling over the owner the food was quickly replaced with hot fresh food. But, it was all worth it.
As most of you know Northampton is a place I frequently shoot in. I have an on going documentary project of Northampton. I will be publishing photographs I make of Northampton on here regularly. So enjoy this little tid bit for now.

I made two photographs with this man standing in the shot. Both shots he is looking right at me. I feel that the fact that he is looking at me both times makes for an interesting composition. Of course I wont show you one with out showing you both.

A beautiful composition showing our delectable meal being served to us.

As Kelly sat there watching the people walk by, I pulled my camera up to make this photograph. This photograph is the real reason I titled this post A view from across the table.

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