Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have seen a lot of people playing musical instruments in NoHo. I even learned a few weeks back that you need a permit to do so. One that you have to renew yearly. But, I have never seen someone play a banjo. It was interesting to watch as this man played for a woman and her daughter. Both the woman and her daughter were so pleased and thankful for the experience.

Yes, that is a chair. But on the ground underneath the chair is paint splattered on the ground as if it was a painting and the chair is an installation within the painting. There was a table to my right where a chef was sitting. He saw me take a picture of the chair and as I began to walk away he called out to me. We engaged in a conversation about me shooting the chair and what I was doing in Northampton. He automatically assumed I was a Hallmark Institute student. My response, was of as follows, " HA you must be joking, No I am not a Hallmark Student. I am working on a serious project that I have invested two years into thus far." He explained that there were a lot of Hallmark Students coming down into the city to shoot. Hallmark Students give me such a stigma when I am out shooting. That is the number one question I am asked. I am so used to it I just shrug it off.

Herrell's Ice Cream

Portrait of a playful youth enjoying the last of the warm days.


S of Modern-Guilt said...

That last photo is wonderful! Great moment you captured :)

VanDog said...

When I worked in Hadley, ten years younger, and ten pounds slimmer, some girl approached me about taking my picture. She said it was for school or something. maybe it was Hallmark, I don't remember. She seemed rather desperate for a subject.

Jeffrey Byrnes said...

I can relate to needing a subject to photograph. I have never come off as being desperate though, that wouldnt seem to polite.

Thank you S!